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Lavender Essential Oil: 100% Pure & Therapeutic

Lavender Essential Oil: 100% Pure & Therapeutic

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This lavender oil has a calming effect, both physically and emotionally, with a balanced fragrance.  Its most commonly used for the relaxing effect it can have on your mind and body.  This oil has cosmetic, aroma-therapeutic, & medicinal uses.  It is soothing, and can be includes in blended oils, gels, lotions, soaps or shampoos.

This oil is derived from one of more than 24 species of lavender plants across the globe and is considered one of the highest quality products because the oil is derived from steam distilling only the fresh Lavender flowers and no other part of the plant.  the plant is sourced/harvested in Bulgaria, in a high-altitude, which has been known to increase its potency.

Our premium essential oils are highly concentrated from flowers, leaves or plant/organics to provide you with the most pure, potent, & pleasant aroma. The scents of our essential oils are extremely complex and long lasting. Our products contain the “essence”, or benefits of the plant from which it was extracted, and is 100% natural. No additives, fillers, bases or Carrier oils added. 

Essential oils are extracted through the process of steam distillation and offer a myriad of benefits including antioxidant properties, naturally occurring vitamins & minerals, fatty acids , & other nourishing elements.   These products can be used in variety of ways including aromatherapy for relaxation and stress-relief, to implementing them in massage oils, and even in household cleaning supplies. The use of essential oils is popular because they allow you to avoid many of the harsh, synthetic chemicals found in so many of the commercial products available today.

We began using them in the many natural skincare products we offer & believe we can help you learn how to implement these oils, referred to as "nature's miracle essences".  If you're trying to reduce or eliminate using harsh chemicals or strong-scented synthetic ingredients for some of your household needs, you've come to the right place.



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Customer Reviews

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Luna P.
I love lavender!

I really love the smell of lavender. From candles, to soaps, to (you guessed it) essential oils too. If it smells like lavender - I want it! This lavender essential oil from SBU is like no other essential oil out there. It has a soft genital smell of lavender and it helps me fall asleep when I put it in a diffuser at night. I highly recommend this lavender essential oil from SBU.

Cathy Cleveland
A wonderful essential oil.

I've tried a few products from SBU in the past. First I tried their soaps. They are amazing. Then I tried some facial care products. They're very good too. Now I'm at the lavender essential oil. So several years now I've tried a few different essential oils from other companies. I was never 100% fully happy with them. That was until I tried this essential oil from SBU. This is a great smelling essential oil with many uses too.

What Others Say

"Every product I've received has been amazing!  I can’t handle strong perfume smells really well, and these products have the most wonderful, fragrant, scents. Very creamy, The soaps have a great lather, smell nice, and are a generous size.  The products of theirs I've used so far have really made a difference in how my skin feels.  Highly recommend!"   -  Bev H.

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