Our Story

"I have struggled with dry skin all my life.  Winters were the worst - the dry heat from the furnace caused the skin on my hands and feet to crack & bleed.  This was a way of life for me for a long time."



Later in life, I learned about clean eating, and was able to both lose weight and get rid of some health issues by eliminating processed foods and sugars from my diet.  My attention then turned to the products I use on the outside of my body.  I learned that the soap I had been using was not actually classified as a soap, but a detergent.  I found that even when commercial companies were producing soap, they were stripping the moisturizing glycerin (a natural by-product of the soap making process) from the soap and replacing it with chemical hardeners and preservatives.  I began making my own soap with high quality oils & butters in 2019, and my skin is now much healthier.  


I then turned my attention to facial skincare.  I realized that like many women, I was slathering my face with creams, serums & moisturizers full of unknown ingredients with the promise that I would look younger.  Instead of trying to look younger at any cost, I decided to focus on making skincare products that were healthy.  The Sweet Beautiful skincare line is made with ingredients like simple plant oils, natural botanical extracts, probiotics, essential oils and Vitamin C.   Ingredients that mimic your skin’s natural oils, balance oil production and nourish your skin, making your skin overall healthier.  


My mission is to remind women everywhere that they are valuable, worthy & naturally beautiful.  We all struggle with feeling worthy, valued and beautiful.  I’m here to tell you that you do not have to.  We do not need to conform to the unattainable standard of beauty put out by the media.  We do not need to compare ourselves to others.  We can embrace the fact that we were fearfully & wonderfully created, and we each have a natural beauty about us.  


I believe so strongly about this that a portion of profit from the sale of SBU Skincare products is donated to a local women’s shelter.   I visit this shelter monthly to remind these women that they are naturally beautiful, and that their identity is not found in their current circumstances. If you would like to support my mission, please consider becoming a Champion Subscriber.  Every time you receive your 3 bars of soap, a 4th is given to a woman in crisis who is reminded that she has a natural beauty, is valuable and is worthy.  I do this because every woman, everywhere, (including you!) should know their natural beauty, value and worth.   You are Beautiful.