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You are part of something wonderful!

1 - Believe that you are beautiful.
2 - Believe that you are loved.
3 - Believe that you are enough.
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Today’s culture wants you to believe that beauty is based on the circumstances around you in an outward way, including appearance. Falling prey to this myth, we often put ourselves in situations where we are compelled to use products containing dangerous chemicals in an effort to achieve a superficial "beauty".

We believe that a woman should appreciate her natural beauty and avoid the chemicals found in so many commercially produced products. The way we think about ourselves can be toxic, too! Avoid obsessing about what others call imperfections, and start realizing that you are beautiful just as you are. You are enough!

Pretty Female model posing

Is it all worth it? We don’t think so. In the long run, the chemicals in the commercially-produced products cause more damage than ever! You're too precious to be damaging your body like that, and life is too short to waste your energies wishing you were something you’re not. Protect your body from dangerous chemicals and protect your mind from toxic thoughts.

Our mission is to help you to start accepting and loving yourself just the way you are by providing skincare products free from harsh chemicals. We started with handmade soaps because this is a product used by everyone. We quickly discovered that we could produce luxury soap made with natural ingredients that retained a high natural glycerin content...nature's moisturizer! Offering a simple way to cleanse and nourish your skin without the use of harsh chemicals seemed like a great place to start.

Picture of the owner of the company

We want to be of encouragement to you to protect yourself physically from the harsh chemicals found in other products, and also from the harsh words we sometimes use when we "talk to ourselves". If you're not hearing it on a daily basis from someone else, please know: You are loved. If you don’t see how amazing you are, don't worry - we're here to remind you of that!
You are amazing. You are beautiful, and we love you. Sweet, beautiful you.

Tina & Jan
Founders of Sweet Beautiful You

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