Healthier skin for sweet, beautiful, you.

Our natural bath bars leave your skin feeling clean and soft. Unlike commercial "detergent" bars, our handcrafted soaps create a gentle, creamy lather that softens your skin while thoroughly moisturizing with natural ingredients and vegetable-derived glycerin. Made with natural essential oils, you can relax in the shower, and remember your beauty
with ease.

Luxury Bar Soaps

Our natural moisturizers protect your skin from drying & cracking.

Every so often a product line comes along that totally transforms your regular routine. These naturally moisturizing products will amaze, as they begin an intense transformation of rough, dry skin...wherever you need it. Subscribe & Save: You'll never run out of your favorite again!

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Natural skincare that's effective, good for you, and good for our planet!

At SBU Skincare, we believe in providing the healthiest and most effective natural skin care products possible. From natural serums, moisturizers, eye cremes, and masks, you can expect it all to be delivered with the highest level of quality, and with an unsurpassed level of customer service by people who care about you.

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Relax & achieve a sense of well-being!

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit and has been used for centuries. Ever wondered why certain aromas remind you of experiences in your past as well as give you an immediate, odd sense of peace? When inhaled, the scents of specially blended essential oils move directly to your brain and impact your "amygdala", which is the emotional center of your brain.

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All of our soaps and skincare products are handmade, without harsh chemicals, allowing you to protect your natural beauty.

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