You Are Enough!

You Are Enough!

As women, we often tend to think we are not enough.  Not smart enough, not thin enough, not successful enough, just plain not enough. We have heard it from all angles in life – from the kids that were mean or made fun of us in school to the marketing that portrays everyday life as if everyday means looking like a supermodel.  Most of us also had people close to us who made us feel this way, like big brothers that picked on us relentlessly or overbearing mothers who tried too hard to mold us into their opinion of who we should be.  

We do it to ourselves, as well.  Someone told me once that comparing ourselves to others serves no other purpose but to feed our insecurities. Social media has exacerbated this by giving us a way to compare our lives to everyone around us.  Which one of us hasn’t felt like they weren’t enough after spending an hour on Pinterest and seeing all the wonderful ways everyone else has decorated their home, styled their hair, made handmade gifts, thrown parties, etc.?

The lie that we are not good enough pops up in every area of our life, never letting us forget. Some of us are better at ignoring this lie, but it does affect all of us.  My heart breaks for women who buy into it wholeheartedly and allow it to prevent them from fulfilling their dreams.  When we believe this lie, we limit ourselves.  

Each one of us needs a cheerleader in our lives.  Someone close to us that accepts us for who we are.  Someone that says “I know you, and you are enough”.  

For me, it is my husband.  He is always telling me I am beautiful.  He is always encouraging me, reminding me that I am smarter or more capable than I realize.  Recently, I was taken aback when my sister told me that I was the only person in her life that did not make her feel like she was not good enough.  It was then that I realized I was that person for her.

If you don’t have that, find someone that can be that for you.  And be that for someone as well.  We need to support and love one another.  We need to remind each other that we are beautiful.  Each of us needs to know & believe that “I am enough”.

If you ever wondered how I came up with the name of this company, now you know.  My hope is that every time you receive and use each of our products, you remember that you are enough.  You are beautiful.  Just the way God created you.  Own it.  Repeat it to yourself in the mirror if you need to.  

You Are Enough.

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