You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful

What an amazing time it was at the Hudson mARTthis year!  It was a gift of genuine joy to have had the opportunity to look into the eyes of more than 500 women and remind them that they have been “Beautifully Made”.   We saw sincere smiles appear all afternoon,and got to witness the very appreciative, incredible transformations in their expressions and replies.  

We witnessed countless numbers of amazing men who were willing to stand before us as perfect strangers in a crowded market and proudly say, “I tell her she’s beautiful all the time”, - bless you.  The difference you make in your wife’s life by speaking that simple statement may never be fully known to you, but trust me, it makes an immense impact. It is so much more than just being nice - it’s giving her the confidence to be pleased with who she is.  It helps her to fight the urge to think bad thoughts about herself and compare herself to others.  

There were some who seemed uncomfortable by this gentle reminder as they looked awkwardly toward the ground. A few even mumbling the words “But I’m not beautiful”.  It’s to those of you who responded this way that need this reminder the most:  You are beautiful.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

You’re the reason we began our journey in 2019!   We know there are women who don’t “feel” beautiful.  Most of us struggle with self-worth at times because we don’t believe we’re beautiful, or valuable.  We fight the lies that try to convince us we’re not tall enough, thin enough, talented enough, not beautiful or worthy.  We quite often feel we are just not enough.  We’re here to tell you that you are enough!  You are a beautiful creation, inside and out, wonderfully and fearfully made.  We ask that you embrace this fact, focus on your positive traits and attributes, and use these thoughts to propel you forward in all your pursuits.  You are beautiful, and there is a world of beautiful possibilities out there for you.  Embrace it.  You are Beautiful, and we love you…sweet, beautiful YOU.

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