What is Beauty?

What is Beauty?

Who is Beautiful? YOU are beautiful.  You are part of something wonderful.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalm  139:14

In today’s culture, beauty is based on superficial ideals that are next to impossible to achieve.  We put ourselves through painful processes and use products with dangerous chemicals trying to make ourselves look different or regain a youthful look.

The chemicals we use on our skin are not the only toxins in our life.  The way we think about ourselves can be toxic as well.  Instead of appreciating our natural beauty, we obsess about what we’re not – not skinny enough, not tall enough, not smart enough, etc…

But is it all worth it?  We don’t think so.  In the long run, the chemicals in the commercially produced products we use cause more damage than good.  You are too precious to be damaging your body like that, and life is too short to waste your energies wishing you were something you’re not.  Instead, you should be protecting your body & mind from dangerous chemicals and thought processes.

Our mission is to help you to start accepting and loving yourself just the way you are, and to provide you with chemical-free skincare products.  We started with handmade soaps because this is a product all of us use on a daily basis. We quickly discovered that we could produce a soap made with natural ingredients that had a high glycerin content, which is a natural moisturizer. Offering a simple way to cleanse and nourish the largest organ on your body (your skin) without the use of harsh chemicals seemed like a great place to start.

Now we’d like to encourage you to not only protect yourself physically from harsh chemicals, but also from the harsh words we tend to speak to ourselves.  If you don’t have someone in your life telling you that you are loved, please allow us.  You are loved.  Even if you don’t see how amazing you are, we do. You are amazing.  You are beautiful. We love you.  Sweet, beautiful you.

Tina & Jan

Founders, Sweet Beautiful You

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