The dynamic duo:  Perfect Balance Moisturizer™ & Pure & Lovely Vitamin C Facial Serum™

The dynamic duo: Perfect Balance Moisturizer™ & Pure & Lovely Vitamin C Facial Serum™

How can I use "Salicylic Acid & Vitamin C" in my skin care routine?

Two of the most referenced facial skincare ingredients on the market today include Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids (sometimes called hyaluronic or salicylic acids) as well as Vitamin C.  If you’re afraid of the science, don’t be – we can explain why you should be using these products, why they’re great for your skin, and how to incorporate them in your routine simply.

Since SBU skincare is known for offering the highest quality, natural skincare products, it’s no surprise that our duo offers the solution you need without the harsh chemicals.  It’s our job to help you understand what Vitamin C and Black Willow Bark (natural salicylic acid) can do for you, and let you know that ours isn’t just a natural alternative to effective skincare, it’s also vegan!

What Is Salicylic Acid?

Salicylic Acid is a “BHA” which stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid is an ingredient naturally taken from the bark of a particular kind of willow tree.  It’s amazing at treating blemishes or other breakouts, and is included as a hero ingredient in our Perfect Balance Moisturizer™. 


Since Black Willow bark is oil-soluble, our facial moisturizer is more able to penetrate your pores than many commercially available, chemical-based ingredients.  Once it penetrates, it gets into your pores and helps to dissolve any build-up there and helps loosen, flush out dead surface skin cells or other impurities that can cause breakouts.  Especially effective on blackheads, or the accumulation of dirt, oil, or grime, the Black Willow bark in this product helps to show measurable results in just 2-3 applications.  By the way, Black Willow bark also minimizes “comedones” which is the scientific name for what we call blackheads or whiteheads.

Healthier, cleaner skin that’s free from the impurities leads to a smoother texture to the skin’s surface, a brighter appearance, and of course, leave your skin with a “perfect balance” in your skin’s natural sebum/oils.

The chemical, synthetic version of salicylic acids known to be in other facial care products also bears some unfortunate side effects.

Because of the synthetic nature of those products, there are sometimes signs of irritation that can cause your skin to be very dry, or even flaky, and red.  This happens when the user has very sensitive skin, or else when a product like that is overused.

The natural ingredient we use that’s derived from Black Willow tree bark is much gentler, and since our Perfect Balanced Moisturizer™ is formulated for daily use, you’ll have no worries!  Most who’ve tried this amazing, natural product have responded by letting us know it is “non-oily, doesn’t irritate their skin, and that they see improvements in only a matter of days.”

So what about Vitamin C in my skincare products?

If you’re anything like us, Vitamin C is one of those amazing, and ever important vitamins our parents told us about as children.  It was most often taken in through a regular glass of orange juice, but that’s not what we’re talking about today.

In the skin care world, Vitamin C is commonly referred to as L-Ascorbic Acid which is an amazing, and effective antioxidant.  It’s once of the most effective antioxidants in skin care because as part of a though out routine, it’s effective at helping your body maintain healthy skin cells at the surface of your skin, leading to a glowing appearance.

Of course, in today’s busy world, exposure to things in your environment (Not discounting the sun!) there are irritants that can stress the otherwise healthy skin cells, and contribute to premature “stress lines” and wrinkles.  Our Vitamin C products, lead by our Pure & Lovely Vitamin C Facial Serum™

When used daily, this facial serum supports youthful looking skin, and brightens the appearance of dull, or “tired” complexions.  As we age, the level of collagen that’s produced naturally decreases, and this begins to contribute to the appearance of fine lines.  Our Pure & Lovely Vitamin C Facial Serum™ helps reduce the appearance of these lines, improves the appearance of dark spots, and helps your skin look more firm, and plump.

How should I use the moisturizer and facial serum, together?

We recommend following your normal nighttime or daytime routine, and wrapping up your normal cleansing/toning process by applying the Perfect Balance Moisturizer™ to your forehead, under eyes, face, and decollate.  Once the moisturizer has had time to soak in completely, you can finish the routine by applying the Pure & Lovely Vitamin C Facial Serum™ much in the same manner and allow to air dry as the serum soaks in completely.


Our simple skin care routine suggestion:  Keep it simple as you prefer!

  1. Makeup/Grime removal:  Wash your face and neck as you prefer, with as little as a single step, or all three targeted cleansers for best results.  Use an all-natural soap in the shower, then massage a few drops of Prima Oleic Oil Cleanser, washed away with our Gentle Cleanse Natural Face Wash.
  2. Use the Perfect Balance Moisturizer™ and let it soak into your freshly cleansed skin.
  3. Apply the Pure & Lovely Vitamin C Facial Serum™ and allow it to do it’s work, soaking into areas under your eyes, temples, and cheeks.

That’s all there is to gaining all the benefits of a natural skincare regiment!

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The steps to finding a night time routine has been made simple and faster by using the 3 products in your “simple skin care routine description”.
Since I started using SBU products my 75 year old face is softer, cleaner and brighter.


The steps to finding a night time routine has been made simple and faster by using the 3 products in your “simple skin care routine description”.
Since I started using SBU products my 75 year old face is softer, cleaner and brighter. I will continue to use your products and maybe, I’ll get a date! lol


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