Switching to Shampoo Bars

Switching to Shampoo Bars

Are you ready to get rid of the plastic bottles filled with chemical-laden shampoos in your shower?  Shampoo bars have a lot of benefits, from being far more eco-friendly to very travel friendly (one less liquid in that clear quart-size bag TSA is going to make you pull out of your luggage).  But the best benefit is how much healthier your hair will be.  

The downside?  Getting your scalp & locks accustomed to a shampoo bar can be frustrating at first.  It takes time for the shampoo bar to strip all those chemicals off your hair, and time for your scalp to adjust the production of oil.  This phase lasts 3 days for some, and up to 3 weeks for others.  Your genetic makeup and the level of hardness in your water will both play a role in how long it will take for you.  

During this adjustment phase, your hair may feel oily, or waxy.  We recommend you take a little longer to rinse and make sure you are getting all of the shampoo out.  To use the bar, simply create a lather in your hands and apply it to your hair, working through as you would any shampoo.  

Once your scalp is acclimated to your shampoo bar, you will be able to swipe the shampoo bar over your wet hair, and then create the lather directly on your head.  You will find that you do not need to shampoo as often (I shampoo every other day now).  You may also find that you no longer need conditioner, as the shampoo bars nourish your hair.  I have found that my hair is softer, and once it was no longer weighed down by chemicals, had a slight curl to it that I never knew I had!

If you’ve made the switch, feel free to comment below to help others make the switch!

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