Sea Buckthorn Oil: Versatile, and Incredible!

Sea Buckthorn Oil: Versatile, and Incredible!

Everyone is always on the hunt for the next “big” skin care product, or hero ingredient, but we believe that the very best ingredients are available to you right now, and in some of the most incredibly natural forms.
Sea Buckthorn Oil, or Hipphophae rhamnoides for all your science-minded folks, is a thorny tree commonly found in Asia and Europe.  Parts of this tree have been used in herbal medicine for hundreds of years as record of the medicinal uses of sea buckthorn are mentioned in ancient Tibetan documents, Ancient Greek Mythology, the Indian Materia Medica & early Chinese medical texts passed throughout the generations.

So what is it good for?

It’s thought to have medicinal properties, leading many people to use sea buckthorn in many forms, and for many purposes.  Although small, the berry from this tree (more succinctly, the oil from the berry from the tree) has an incredibly useful nutritional and beneficial makeup, and is fantastic for all skin types, from oily to dry. Sea buckthorn oil is thick, and viscous, and is a dark orange-red color, with a long list of fantastic benefits for your skin.
  • Contains Omega 3 making it well-suited for dry and mature skin.
  • The fruit oil contains Omega 7, useful in aiding in skin regeneration.
  • The oil is fast absorbing and helps soothe inflammation & reduce redness.
Sea Buckthorn oil is used in our Sea Buckthorn Healing Salve, enhanced by a natural, rich source of Vitamin E.   It’s also included in our natural Sea Buckthorn soap most commonly used as a facial bar to address redness, dryness and aging concerns.


Natural Healing Body Salve
Moisturizing Rub, Handcrafted, Luxury Skincare

Sea Buckthorn Shea Soap
Handcrafted, Luxury Skincare

One look at the berries, however, and you’ll realize that the oil itself, in it’s purest form, is also great for use as a multipurpose hydrating face oil, skin moisturizer, or restorative hair oil, which is why we offer the purest Sea Buckthorn seed oil with Vitamin E as a stand-alone cleanser/moisturizer suited to fit into everyone’s regimen.

What is the nutrient-makeup
of the Sea Buckthorn Berry?

  • The Vitamin C content is nearly 15 times greater than that of an average orange, also making this an amazing Vitamin C additive product for healthier skin.
  • All the best Omega fatty acids are in great supply, and we know what that means for achieving the most beautiful, glowing skin, right?
  • Let’s not forget the B Vitamins, the incredible list of antioxidants, and of course, folic acid.

Sea Buckthorn oil is both incredible, and versatile:

  • Helps heal/prevent acne breakouts naturally, without chemicals!
  • It drastically reduces inflammation in the skin, and when used in league with a luxury, natural soap, it helps loosen and slough away dead skin cells.
  • Great for dry skin too, as it helps balance the production of oil (sebum) while supporting other aspects of the healing process.
  • If you have mature skin, it helps repair oxidative damage and has wonderful anti-aging properties.
  • It hydrates your skin and promotes the production of collagen, a natural biological process that slows as we age, but is essential for youthful-looking skin.
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