What is African Black Soap?

What is African Black Soap?

What is African black soap?

African black soap was first made as an all-natural soap in various West African nations. It’s produced with natural materials and has numerous health advantages. The exact formula varies depending on where the soap was made, but most of them use palm kernel oil and the filtrate of either roasted plantain skin ash or burnt cocoa pod ash. Aloe vera, honey,shea butter, lime, and camwood, a tree endemic to central West Africa, are some other additives that can be used.

Our activated charcoal soap is a distant cousin to this type of soap, taking advantage of all the amazing benefits of charcoal to create a skin detoxifying, exfoliating bar with a most pleasant aroma.  This natural soap is one of our best-selling varieties because it benefits SO many people!

Activated charcoal in personal care products isn’t a new concept, as charcoal has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.  Today charcoal is used to purify the water we drink, the air we breathe, and even the ground we walk upon!   Modern cars have a “passenger cabin” air filter filled with charcoal to help remove odors from the air you breathe. Brita and other companies make water filters you attach to your sink that use charcoal to filter out impurities.  It’s used medicinally in many ways that include the filtering & removal of things that can hurt our bodies.

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