My wife's "imperfections" are the things that make her beautiful to me.

My wife's "imperfections" are the things that make her beautiful to me.

a man calling himself the "Speech Prof" on Youtube posted a short video (linked here) in reaction to an interview given by someone else. In the interview, the individual speaking indicated, essentially, that if his wife (after having kids) were to "let herself go" (I can only assume he means in regards to her physical shape/health) that he would leave her. The response from the Speech Prof really gripped me, and compelled me to want to share it with you.

Having been married to the same woman for more than 30 years now, I can honestly say that the Speech Prof is right, in every way. Each and every little thing that my wife might consider a flaw, and all the ways that too many women think they need to "correct" or address things about their beauty...those are EXACTLY the things that make you beautiful in the first place! My wife has grown more beautiful over the years, and our kids are now grown and having kids of their own.

I can only pray that my kids also know the truth about their beautiful mother, and about themselves. She is beautiful EXACTLY how she has been made...and so are you.

Link to this short, but inspiring video:

The Speech Prof's Video - His Beautiful Wife

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