Kaolin Clay vs. Italian Imported Mineral Clay?

Kaolin Clay vs. Italian Imported Mineral Clay?

Kaolin clay is a very mild variety of mineral clays, and when sourced intentionally, can be one of the most pure. Mineral clays are used in several of our products, and dependent on the usage, clays originating from different parts of the world are often used. Because these ingredients are so mild, they can be used on sensitive skin. Despite common misconceptions, this ingredient doesn't draw oils from the skin, and it can be used safely on dry skin. We include our Italian clay in some of the facial products we manufacture.

Mineral clays like Kaolin Red, French Green, or Italian White clay cleans, eliminates clogged pores, and can even act to exfoliate, all while smoothing the texture of your skin, and improving circulation.  Kaolin clay is soothing, cleansing, and can even help to hydrate your skin, encouraging the normal production of sebum to keep your face moisture rich. When used in soap it provides a smooth creamy lather, too!

Kaolin clay is a common mineral searched for today, especially by those interested in making a useful, prominent beauty or personal care product.  What’s easily discovered, however, is that not all “Kaolin Clays” are equally beneficial, and the color or texture of the ingredient is as important as the location from which it originates.  Kaolin clay was originally just the name for the clay substance found in a region in China, and the green clay mineral found online is generally found to originate in France, although both varieties/mineral composition can be found respectively in both regions.

At SBU Skincare, we searched the globe for the most beneficial, and most amazing mineral clay to be used in many of our products.  In fact, we had conversations with a young Italian woman who lived in the province of Nocera Umbra, the “Green Heart” of Italy, who turned us on to a mineral clay found only in the region of Italy for which she was raised.

This “miracle clay” was used for centuries by Italians and passed down from generation to generation as a restorative, healing ingredient used for everything from oily skin, rashes, and even at times ingested to settle one’s stomach.  There is a lot of talk online about this white clay from Nocera Umbra, and wanting only the best for our customers, we pursued acquiring it with great vigor.

Some precise and documented research would show that the 'Terra di Nocera Umbra' has been used for over 400 years for its medicinal virtues and it is no coincidence!  There are documents that recognize the beneficial properties of white clay since the Umbrian civilization of the sixth century BC. Even today, this clay is recognized for its bactericidal, absorbing and healing properties. The benefits of this natural remedy for both health and aesthetics are interesting.

We were able to learn of its origins, via a medical text written by GinoSigismondi called, “Terra Medicinale – Del Bagno Di Nocera”.

Although the basic recipes of the 'Terra di Nocera Umbra' are still current today and almost unchanged, the product has been made unavailable for some time, and restricted for sale or export. We researched the actual mineral content of the clay and have been able to source a special Italian white clay directly from the heart of the old country for use in our products.

We wanted to make sure that the ingredients we use are the very best available, and this Italian white clay is an example of our endeavor to bring the most effective, natural ingredients together for you.

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