Be a champion to a woman in need

Be a champion to a woman in need

We've got incredibly exciting news to share with you today! We've launched our brand-new Champion Soap Subscription program, and it's not just about beautiful, handcrafted soap!  It's about making a real difference in the lives of women in crisis and supporting not-for-profit shelters.

With every subscription you make, you're getting your hands on natural, effective, and luxurious soap bars as well as becoming part of a heartwarming journey of hope and support!

Here's why you should join us:

  • Pamper Yourself: Our soap bars are crafted with love and the finest natural ingredients to give you a luxurious bathing experience. Treat yourself to the self-care you deserve.
  • Empower Others: Your subscription directly supports a woman in crisis, helping her rebuild confidence and self-esteem. Together, we're making a real impact, offering hope and resources when they need it most.
  • Shelter the Vulnerable: We're proud to partner with not-for-profit shelters, providing essential supplies and support for those who need a safe space to rebuild their lives.
  • Sustainable Goodness: Our soap is handcrafted with care and in an environmentally friendly way. We're committed to sustainable practices because we care about our planet.
  • Join the Movement: When you subscribe, you become a part of something bigger. Share the love and tell your friends and family about our cause. Together, we can reach even more hearts and homes.

Ready to make a difference with every shower? Subscribe to our Quarterly Soap Bar Subscription now and let's spread love, kindness, and empowerment one soap bar at a time.

Click the link in our bio to learn more and subscribe today. Let's make the world a better place together!  Thank you for being a part of our mission. You truly are the heart and soul of SBU Skincare!

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