Does lavender and sandalwood go well together?

Does lavender and sandalwood go well together?

Sandalwood oil blends well with a variety of other scents, whether diffused or combined in our personal care & beauty products. While Sandalwood essential oil has a sweet scent, it pairs extremely well with Lavender essential oil, as well as others like Geranium and Jasmine floral scents.

The incredible thing to realize is that while Lavender and Sandalwood go well together, each of these also blends extremely well with other, pure citrus oils such as Grapefruit oil, or even Italian Bergamot because of their light nature. The all-natural products we make with both Lavender and Sandalwood are some of our most popular ones, as the fragrant combination seems to appeal to most people. If you’re interested in finding out why so many people love this combination, why not give our Lavender soap a try?

It contains just the right amount of Sandalwood as a base note, and the calming scent of Lavender makes for a delightful, relaxing time when a hot shower or bath is what you’ve been thinking about all weekend!

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