Coffee Scrub for Cellulite?

Coffee Scrub for Cellulite?

Coffee scrub for cellulite - It's no longer uncommon to find that natural alternatives exist for us to adopt a regimen of skin and personal care using ingredients that help us avoid harsher chemical-based products. More and more there are mass manufacturers realizing that cheaper is not better, and that people are getting wise to the inclusion of sometimes harmful chemicals in the products they put on their skin and body. One great alternative example of this is the use of coffee scrubs for cellulite, which has been the topic of many in the last few years.

So what exactly is cellulite, and how does a coffee scrub help?

When someone refers to cellulite, they're generally referring to the small dimples on the skin, usually found in areas where there is excess "adipose" tissue, such as in the buttocks, legs, or hips. Cellulite can be difficult to treat, with most attempts simply being made to treat the overall appearance of the skin's surface to "smooth" the tissue. The fresh, natural ingredients used in our Coffee Cellulite Sugar Scrub gives you all the antioxidant benefits, exfoliating benefits, and firming action most seek out when researching cellulite control.

Although only largely anecdotal research is available, those who use try out such a product will generally continue to use it once the results are seen first-hand. Researchers who advocate the use of treating cellulite with a coffee scrub claim that coffee dilates the blood vessels, and the normal dilation of the skin's tissue due to the presence of caffeine reduces the extent or visibility of cellulite and encourages the elimination of excess water. Since most applications like ours include a natural exfoliate, it also scrubs away excess dead skin cells from the affected area, to help smooth the skin, leaving a healthier appearance.

Jeanine Downie, a dermatologist and speaker who is always happy to share her knowledge with others has been interviewed and featured in numerous media outlets. She has also consistently received the honor of recognition as one of Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors in the New York Metropolitan area. On television, Dr. Downie has appeared on The View, The Early Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, GMA Health, The Wendy Williams Show, The Rachel Ray Show, and others. Dr. Oz talked to dermatologist Dr. Downie who said she recommends diet and exercise, but especially loves to use a sugar-coffee scrub. She said the coffee stimulates the fat cell break down and the sugar acts as an exfoliate. Here at SBU Skincare, we believe that you are beautiful just how you've been made, but also believe that improved emotional health comes with knowing you're doing what you can, naturally, to feel good.

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